Women are worth celebrating. We all got here, to this exact moment reading this particular sentence, by first growing in the comfort of a woman’s womb. Have you ever thanked your mom for all she had to go through for you to be here? Allow us to honor a few of the many changes that a woman’s body had to go through for us;

  • A mother’s uterus can stretch up to 500x its original size to accommodate a growing baby.
  • Her blood volume increases by 50% to supply oxygen and nutrients to the baby through the placenta and umbilical cord.
  • Her other vital organs will move and shift around to make room for the baby, usually making it more difficult to do things like eat, go to the bathroom, or even breathe.
  • Her center of gravity changes as the baby forces her belly to grow outward putting pressure on areas of the body that may never have experienced it before.
  • A hormone called relaxin is released to give ligaments (the soft tissue that connects bones together) more stretch making it possible for baby to enter our world through the birth canal. The problem with that is this hormone doesn’t get to pick and choose which ligaments it works on- ligaments in the whole body become looser creating the potential for instability and injury.
  • As her body produces food for her baby, the breasts begin to fill with milk creating yet another structural change typically causing upper back pain and stiffness.

And that’s just the first 9 months before we meet the baby here on earth. Going through labor and delivery creates even more physical changes to mom, and don’t even get us started on postpartum recovery!

At Cove Chiropractic, we believe in honoring these physical transitions. While changes during pregnancy are inevitable, they don’t have to be scary or painful.

Chiropractic care can help prepare a woman’s body for pregnancy in addition to preparing her body for birth. Having an aligned pelvis gives the baby the most room to grow, increased opportunity to obtain optimal fetal position, and adequate space to enter the world.

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