Halloween is almost here, which means scary movies, carving pumpkins, and lots of tricks and treats. While we love all the delicious candy, we don’t necessarily love how it makes our bodies feel or the weight we might gain. As we head into the holiday season, weight gain is common…and frustrating! Here are our tips to help you enjoy a healthy and happy Halloween.

1. Make Your Own Treats

The only way to know without a doubt what you are consuming is to make it yourself. Treats bought at the store are, more often than not, loaded with empty calories, preservatives, and sugars that don’t do anything to benefit your health. If you get creative (Pinterest, anyone?), you can make your own Halloween and Fall goodies with fewer calories and healthier ingredients. If you have children, baking and cooking together is an activity that is so fun, it’s scary!

2. Set Limits

For most of us, skipping Halloween candy altogether just isn’t going to happen. And that’s okay! Try setting a limit on how much candy you (or your kids) can consume. Instead of snacking on candy into Thanksgiving, allow yourself a set amount of days or weeks to keep the candy. Once that time period is up, throw what is left away or bring it to work or school for others to enjoy so you can get back on track with healthy eating.

3. Get in the Spooky Spirit

There’s more to Halloween than candy! If you want to celebrate this spooky day but keep your health on track, focus on the other elements of the holiday. Practice creativity in your costume and decorate your home with spooky decorations. Throw a scary movie marathon and carve some pumpkins. Sometimes it’s not the candy you want as much as the feeling that comes with taking part in a day of fun and fright.

Holidays like Halloween are a lot of fun, but they can also be unhealthy. An important element in the success of chiropractic care is taking care of your body to the best of your ability. While an important part of life is balance, it’s also important that you make healthy choices. We want to help you enjoy a healthy and happy Halloween!

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